Centre Wellington Wolves win provincial field lacrosse tourney

The Centre Wellington Wolves took top spot in the Field LAX provincial tournament C division held in Brampton May 23 and 24. Results for the Centre Wellington Wolves are : CW 11-1 over Caledon, CW 6-3 over Kitchener, CW 6-1 over Mimico, and CW 7-4 over Kitchener in overtime.

Kitchener was winning 4-0 in the third quarter but the Wolves tied it and they played two five-minute overtimes to win 7-4. Team members are: Cody Sheppard, Jake Malyk, Cody French, Brock Phillips, Matt Humphrey, Nate Drone, Josh Rex, Luke Albert, Matt Bolger, Mason Noble, Adam Lantz, Kurtis Woodland, Peyton Mooney, Chris Jolley, Noah Cameron, Adam Porter, Spencer Pike, Caden Hammond, Tristan Darroch, Luke Holsher, Hyatt Welsh, and Louis Ristov. Coaches are Mike Jolley, Walter Woodland, Darcy Sheppard and Brian Welsh