Centre Wellington ‘making it big’ for Culture Days

CENTRE WELLINGTON – The Township of Centre Wellington (Elora and Fergus Tourism) and the Elora Fergus Arts Council have joined forces to make this year’s Culture Days one to remember. 

It’s going to be “big” with many participants, officials say.

The chosen theme for Centre Wellington is “Make It BIG,” and organizers are asking, “how will you make it big?”

Culture Days is the largest collective public participation campaign undertaken by the arts and cultural community in Canada. 

Each year, thousands of events are connected under the celebratory banner of Culture Days.

Communities large and small are united from coast to coast to increase public engagement in cultural experiences through free arts and culture events. 

The next national Culture Days celebrations happen from Sept. 22 to Oct. 15 for three weeks of colour, creativity, and community.

Centre Wellington is one  of 14 Ontario Culture Days Regional Hubs for 2023 and is thrilled to be partnering with the Elora Fergus Arts Council to make Culture Days 2023 larger than life. 

Organizers are looking to create free or pay-what-you-may interactive arts and culture events and activities during Culture Days. 

Anyone can submit a request to organize and run an event for Culture Days.

Anyone with a big idea – or even a small one – is invited to submit their idea.

Micro grants may also be available.

Deadline for submissions is March 31.