Centre has new exhibit

The Minarovich Gallery is featuring the video in­stallation Feed of inter­na­tional artist Jung-Chul Hur.

Hur is an artist, designer, curator, lecturer, and also a VJ born in Korea in 1972.

His work, which encom­pas­ses video, animation, and sound, and he has shown at inter­national festivals in Asia, Europe, South, and North Am­erica.

He is based in Thailand, where he teaches communi­cation design at the School of Architecture and Design, King Mongkut’s University of Tech­nology Thonburi.

In the installation Feed, Hur offers a version of life, which has been recorded, dissected, duplicated and reassembled, as if the world was a house of mirrors.

The show opens Feb. 12. at 7:30pm and runs to March 22.