CELP students help plant trees

Students from Wellington Heights Secondary School Community Environment Leadership Program (CELP) dug in to plant trees along the old Arthur rail line.

On May 28, the Grade 10 students, their teacher Matt Timberlake, and Ian Turner, Dave Stack, and Jack Benham from the Upper Grand Trailway in Arthur planted 500 to 600 native trees that will improve the habitat for pollinators and become a wildlife corridor. This is one of the many environmental initiatives the class has undertaken around the community.

The line is being turned into a trail that will connect to the Upper Grand Trailway in Damascus and Luther Marsh and the River Trail in Arthur.

Ian Turner, promoter of the trailway, said the trees were bought from the GRCA using a TD Environmental grant.  When the trail will officially open remains unclear. The trail is usable now but two bridges are to be built before it is complete.