CCAC professionals assist in navigating health care system

The Merry Makers’ regular meeting was held on March 3 at Jamesway Manor in Clifford.

Audrey Dickert welcomed guest speaker, nurse and care co-ordinator Kristine Wanless of the Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) to speak on the program and services offered to seniors in this area. Each of the 14 CCAC offices across Ontario is supported through their Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

CCAC professionals help people navigate the health care system. They offer care for people coming home from the hospital, staying in their home, receving palliative care, or students requiring specialized care. They provide access to personal support workers for bathing, nursing and physical care. Partnering with health care providers and community agencies has increased their reach to put area residents in touch with day programs, transportation, VON exercise classes, and  meals on wheels. They can also help seniors transition to a new retirement home, assisted living or long term care nursing home.

The CCAC serves 17,000 people a day in the region, so anyone needing help at home can call them at 310-2222, no area code needed.

Wanless also answered questions regarding nursing home costs, beds for veterans, VON housekeeping, private nursing, GEM nurses, tubs cut to showers, building assessments and life lines.

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After roll call, happy birthday was sung to Ethel Whitehead and Edie Henry.

Dorothy Domm read stories from The Voice about the best thing about getting old as determined by a lady who was turning 104 – there is no peer pressure. As you reach milestone ages, there are many perks and fewer expectations.