Cathy Hansen receives first Erin environmental award

Erin’s environmental and sustainability advisory committee (ESAC) has given its first environmental award to Cathy Hansen.

Hansen was given the award and $500 at the June 19 council meeting by ESAC member Liz Armstrong, councillor Jeff Duncan and Mayor Allan Alls.
Armstrong said Hansen has “been in the forefront of the local organic food movement in this area for three decades and has enthusiastically shared her knowledge, culinary skill and passion with many grateful Town of Erin citizens and food lovers galore. Thank you for being the change we need to see in the world.”
Hansen thanked those in attendance and those who involved in environmental work with the town.
“It’s a tremendous honour to be the first recipient of this award and … let’s carry on with our environmental initiatives because Erin is on the map and will continue to be well recognized,” she said.
There were 12 nominations received for the  ESAC Environmental Award, which is available to citizens, businesses, farms, service clubs, organizations and schools in Erin.