Car dealer has charity barbecue Aug. 28

Robinson Ponti­ac is sponsoring a charity barbecue and fundraiser here for the Chalmers Community Ser­vices Centre Friday 1 to 3pm.

Chalmers Community Ser­vi­ces Centre is a not-for-prof­it registered charity that helps people in need in the Guelph area, providing food, clothing, bedding, and household items plus support and referral services. Means testing is not re­quired.

On behalf of the centre, Robinson’s will begin accep­ting donations of clean used clothing, non-perishable food items, and monetary support immediately. In addition, and in an effort to maximize the con­tributions, Robinson Pon­ti­ac will match any monetary donation received by Aug. 28.

Robinson’s is located at 875 Woodlawn Road West. Call  519-821-0520. Visit Chalmers Community Ser­vice Centre’s website at www.chalmers­cen­