Capacity set aside for infill lots in Mt. Forest

Mount Forest will get more opportunity to expand in 2009 – within its urban limits.

A report from Darren Jones of the building department noted that over the past year, “the building department has is­sued 10 new permits for new dwelling units in Mount Forest that fall under the category of infill lots.”

Jones noted that it used up the allotment of sewage units council committed in 2008.

He wrote that it is the building department’s request that the township commit another 10 units to accommodate future construction of homes in 2009.

“This will leave a total of 155 sewage units in the reserve capacity.

Mayor Mike Broomhead believed the report to be fairly self explanatory. He said there is generally nothing good coming from being at capacity, but he said in this particular case it meant using up a lot of the infill lots in the community. He said development of those lots is good for the town.

Mount Forest still has 113 units of capacity allocated among various developments in the community.

In Arthur, various subdivisions and proposals on the books use up 183 units, leaving an uncommitted capacity of sewage units at 64.

Without further discussion, council approved the allocation of 10 units for infill use.