Canada 2015

From a far-western reader come comments quite frequently, and with the federal election cresting mid-month, I feel I would be doing all of you readers a gross disfavour if I failed to pass this one on to you.

Never before have I seen so many truths packaged so neatly. I could not have done better myself.

Civilization in 2015


Our phones – wireless;

Cooking – fireless;

Cars – keyless;

Food – fatless;

Tires – tubeless;

Dress – sleeveless;

Youth – jobless;

Leaders – shameless;

Relationships – meaningless;

Attitudes – careless;

Babies – fatherless;

Feelings – heartless;

Education – valueless;

Children – mannerless;

Country – Godless.

We are speechless.

Our government is clueless.

Our politicians are worthless.

No truer words could ever be said. Governments worldwide need to do a lot of rethinking. What is the point of creating jobs if that job is not needed? Whatever happened to the shared work week where four-, three-, and two-day workweeks were not uncommon in off-seasons?

Whatever happened to apprenticeships? They went out the door when the minimum wage shot beyond the means of the young businesses just starting up.

Whatever happened to the work ethic – did it go out the door with common sense?

When less than 50 per cent of the people go out to vote, does that not tell governments that something is lacking? When the tax dollar collected crosses the 50% line of one’s earnings, does that not lean strongly toward dictatorship?

All of these cross my mind often. Where lie the answers? The answer lies in whomever you vote for.

Give it some serious thought and get out and vote.

Thake care, ’cause we care.




Barrie Hopkins