Business advice

It’s refreshing to see municipalities respond to problems, especially when it comes to businesses. 

The Town of Erin recently released a survey with the goal of “working with local businesses to find solutions to reoccurring challenges business owners are facing.”

Residents are encouraged to take the survey and express their thoughts on employment and high speed internet. Those who complete the survey will be invited to a business solutions meeting. 

The survey contains 10 questions on details such as: description of the business,  employees, commutes and internet.

View the survey at 

A little too late

However, as great as it is that Erin is now looking at challenges facing businesses, it has already lost one business. 

The BK Foundation owned by Jennifer Kindred-Bulbulia will be leaving the Town of Erin and setting up shop in Marble Falls, Texas.

Kindred-Bulbulia held  a community meeting to talk about doing business in Erin earlier this year. 

After trying to establish the BK Foundation in Erin for three years and running into repeated roadblocks with the town and supporters, Kindred-Bulbulia chose to throw in the towel. 

Hopefully the new survey will help the town and local business owners improve communication.

Digital marketing

A feature story in the spring edition of Business Leader offers advice to food entrepreneurs about how to improve their online presence. 

RT04 digital project manager Charlotte Moore suggested farmers and food sellers adjust details of their internet image to simplify and enhance interactions with potential customers. 

She said the communications and marketing landscape has changed a lot over the last few years and she’s found that businesses are looking to improve their digital marketing skills. 

Changes don’t have to happen all at once, but websites should be consistent for digital customers and visitors. 

To learn more, check out the whole story by Phil Gravelle in the spring edition of Business Leader. 

Mount Forest ‘Mountain’

Moose Mountain is located in the former Isabella’s Consignment store at  257  Main Street South in Mount Forest. 

The indoor children’s play space has something for all ages, even babies and toddlers. Some of the attractions include a climbing wall, art easels, inflatables, sand table, tablets and books. 

The space is also available to book for birthday parties. The official opening will take place on May 25. 

For more information call Jeanean Mousseau at 519-509-9947 or visit 

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