Break March

March has come into season like a lamb, nice and easy, which, for all of us afflicted with superstitious sentiments, means it will surely go out like a lion (kind of like the drunk uncle forcibly removed from a family reunion). 

Awesome. Can’t wait. 

I’ve read conflicting reports on the origin of this lion-lamb proverb, but suffice it to say, I believe it to be a true account of the month’s meteorological entry and exit. Can we just skip ahead to May? 

Forgive my grumpiness, but I really need a vacation. When I was a kid, March Break meant adventure, long car rides usually to a beach and the expanse of the ocean. If I close my eyes, I can smell that salt air. I can hear the waves and the seagulls. I had a fortunate childhood and I’m grateful for it. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good memories.

Adulting looked easier when I was a kid. Trips were free. As we approach another March Break, I feel like March may break me (it won’t, but sometimes I like to be dramatic; play along). 

It’s not that I cannot take the time to get away, I simply cannot afford to take a break from the life I really could use a temporary break from (routine exhaustion is a thing).  

I don’t care if that sounds whiny. 

I’m legit whining. 

But you could help. If you’re heading off on vacation, take me with you. I volunteer. I’m an excellent travel companion. I’m super fun. I pack light. I won’t ask annoying questions like “are we there yet?” and while I need a lot of bathroom breaks, I’m self-sufficient, so I can pack my own snacks. 

I enjoy long car rides and make excellent road trip playlists so we can sing together in the car. Think of the fun we’d have. Don’t put me in the backseat though because, well, I’ll upchuck my snacks. I can’t help it. Fair warning.

There’s one caveat to our travel plans: I don’t have a passport. I know everyone should have a passport. True. But if you can’t afford a vacation, chances are you can’t afford a passport for the vacation you aren’t taking, so there. 

I realize this limits our potential March Break travel adventure together, but it doesn’t have to. I’d rather see my own country than anybody else’s, so if a stay-cation is in your plan, I’m in. 

I’ll help you eat all your groceries and we can sing along to my all-Canadian playlist; you, me and Stompin’ Tom. Oh, the memories we could make. 

Nevermind. I get it. You have plans with your people. Family first. There’s only room for one carsick person. I get it. 

I’ll just be over here, where you left me, getting ready for work, wondering how you can sleep at night knowing you’ve left me behind while you’re at the swim-up bar ordering an umbrella drink served in a coconut. Oh yeah? Well, I’ll see your coconut and raise you a Yeti with tap water, so there. 

Whatever you do this March Break, I sincerely wish you a safe, happy journey and all the sunscreen you need to not get burnt. You deserve it, no doubt (the vacation, not the burn). 

Make good memories. Don’t take the moments with your people for granted. Relax. Smile. Don’t worry about me.  

I’ll be here, filling out my passport application, because I’m next.

WriteOut of Her Mind