Boundary road agreement work needed

Coun­cillors here are looking a bit closer at who is responsible for what when it comes to boundary roads Wellington North shares with its neighbouring municipalities.

At a recent risk management course, the issue of boun­dary road agreements between municipalities was raised. Apparently, if there is no agreement, that creates a liability concern if there is an accident – in the area of who is responsible for the maintenance of the particular road.

Although they were discussed at the time of amalgamation (1999), the municipality has only verbal (unwritten) agreements with Mapleton, Centre Wellington, Southgate and East Luther Grand Valley Townships.

Works Superintendent Gary Williamson informed the committee he is working on the neces­sary agreements and they will be presented to the appropriate councils for ratification.

Williamson told council he already has a meeting set up with East Luther Grand Valley to consider the issue.