Better information will help Minto with decision making process

The Town of Minto has approved an economic development and planning committee recommendation that it participate in the Creative Rural Economies Research Project for a total cost of $2,500.

Treasurer Gord Duff said the town has its census every five years and there is considerable valuable information. A lot of it is at the census level. Much of it is directed at the upper levels of government, but some at the municipal level.

"The key to responding to our challenging economy is to get better information.”

 Duff said that for a relatively modest sum, the town can participate.

“Hopefully this gives us better information to make better decisions in the future,” Duff said.

Mayor David Anderson noted that during the previous week, councillors were at the Good Roads and ROMA convention.

He said “the premier was at the convention speaking about the same type of thinking – of rural economics and research.”

Anderson said the premier spoke on broader perspectives on creating innovation “to get our economy going.”

The motion for the funding carried.