Beehive policy set

It might be a beehive of activity, but there will be a cost to those who do not clean up after themselves at a local park.

Minto owns a park on Well­ington County Road 109 at Beehive Lane, between Teviot­dale and Harriston known as  the Beehive Picnic Area.

A recent report to council noted that this picnic area has a rest area, a porta-potty and a garbage can, and the site is used by many motorists, especially in the summer.

The Beehive Picnic Area is used throughout the summer by groups and individuals for such things as yard sales, bake sales and other events, as well as by motorists.

The policy reviewed by council noted that it is the intention of the council of the Town of Minto to require anyone using the Beehive Picnic Area to request permission from the clerk’s department.

That department, in turn, will develop a registry for anyone wishing to use the site for an event. A $50 deposit will be held by the town until the event is completed.

“It is the responsibility of the group or individual to re­move all of their belongings from the Beehive Picnic Area.

If cleanup is required after the user vacates, the department would use the $50 to cover the cost of the cleanup.