Beef Club learning cattle reproduction

On May 14, the Eramosa 4H beef club held its second meeting of the year, which in­cluded a visit from a special guest.

The meeting was hosted at the Wallace family farm in Elora. The club started the meet­ing at 7:30pm with all  mem­bers present.  Club presi­dent  Jordan Taylor opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge and then the club received the minutes  of the previous meet­ing from secretary Malcolm Lindsay.

At this meeting the mem­bers of the club were fortunate to have Dr. Ken Bateman, member of the Ontario Veter­i­nary College teaching  hospital.  Dr. Bateman is an expert on the reproductive health of cattle.  He provided the 4-H members with an excellent power-point presentation, including many photos on reproduction of cattle and calving. The presen­tation was very informative to the eager to learn members.

After the club received the presentation, members were wel­come to put on rubber glov­es and view the wet specimens  Dr. Bateman had brought for their viewing.

Our thanks to him for presenting such useful information to us. The meeting was closed with saying the 4H motto led, by Jordan Taylor.

Following the meeting mem­bers enjoyed delicious  treats courtesy of the Wallace family.