Beatlemania on Tour – the Beatles Experience is coming to Old Roxy on May 22

Beat­lemania On Tour – The Beatles Experience will be coming to the Old Roxy theatre on May 22 as part of a southern Ontario tour.

The show takes fans on a magical mystery tour, explor­ing The Beatles’ revolution in popular music and culture. Employing The Beatles’ authentic-looking instruments, amplifiers, and costumes, coupled with faithful renditions of classic songs, the show is designed to recreate the spirit of the Fab Four.

“This is a true musical biography. It takes you on the musical journey of The Beatles’ career, starting at the be­ginning,” said show pro­ducer, Johnny Van Grinsven. “There is no other comparable show which delivers The Beat­les’ full story.”

Beatlemania has been tour­ing internationally since 2006. Since its inception, the show has appeared in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Calgary, and Ed­monton. 

Chris Frazer has the part of  John Lennon. Frazer has performed in musical theatre for 19 years, as well as singer and guitarist in original and cover music projects for the past 12 years. His voice is one of the most versatile in the business.

Scott MacFarlane is Paul McCartney.

 MacFarlane is the youngest band member and is a naturally talented singer and moves with ease from rock and roll to soft ballads. After playing the guitar right handed since the age of 12, Scott set himself a chal­lenge and taught himself to play bass guitar left handed just like McCartney.

Paul Green is George Harrison

Green has found his true calling in the music industry paying tribute to “The Quiet Beatle.” As a teenager, Green spent countless hours every day playing and singing along to The Beatles records, trying to emulate the signature riffs and three-part harmonies that made The Beatles the most influential band of all time.

Michael Brady is Ringo Starr.

 The son of a drummer, Brady actually can’t remember when he first started playing drums. From his first trio in sixth grade to a stint as a session drummer in Sydney, he can’t believe his luck to be performing as his idol, Ringo Starr. He brings Ringo’s fami­liar mannerisms to the stage –  right down to the Ringo Starr signature drumsticks he uses. Oh yes, he also brings Ringo’s nose.

The show is on May 22 at 8pm. For information, visit

For more information on the tour, visit www.thebeatles­