Barn near Kenilworth gets okay

Well­ington North councillors have no issues with a minor variance for a farm operation adjacent to Kenilworth.

Council held a committee of adjustment meeting on March 2.

The applicant, Calvin Bau­man, is seeking relief from the minimum distance separations for his property at Part Lot 21, Arthur  EOSR Divi­sions 3 to 4, with a civic ad­dress of 9093 on Highway 6.

The 99.6 acre property is oc­cupied by a residence and farm buildings.

Bauman is proposing to build a new livestock facility and expand the existing man­ure storage area on the property and cannot meet the minimum distance from the adjacent lands.

Planner Linda Redmond explained Bauman recently purchased the farm just outside of Kenilworth.

His plan is to build a new barn plus enlarge and somewhat enclose the manure storage facility.  Redmond noted that there has been a farm on the property for over 100 years.

The issue is the farm is adjacent to the Kenilworth com­munity, which essentially doubles the minimum distance requirements.

The current proposal has a 310 metre setback from the community boundary, and 334 metres is what is required, Redmond said.

“In my opinion, this is definitely a minor variance.” She said the barn was placed at the furthest distance from the settlement area and still fits in with the farm operation.

“Had they not been adjacent to Kenilworth, they would be far enough from any property boundaries.”

The only comments made was the concern with the development fee.

The statement was made that those fees would add 14% to the overall costs.

Mayor Mike Broomhead pointed out the committee of adjustment does not deal with the development charges. He noted that part of the township’s development charges for farm structures is currently under review.

Broomhead said a report is expected shortly.

“To tell you it will change or not change … I can’t tell you that at this meeting … but it is being reviewed.”