Bachman, Cummings at centre on Aug. 5

Randy Bach­man and Burton Cum­mings will perform their songs at the Centre in the Square here on Aug. 5

The Guess Who was the largest record-selling band in the early 1970s and had dozens of hits. When the group split up, Bachman and Cummings had many more hits performed with other artists.

The success of the Guess Who reunion in 2000 propelled Bachman and Cummings to finally begin performing under their names in 2005.

“We’re the two guys who wrote and sang these songs and I think people know that and want to hear the real thing. Bachman Cummings are out there delivering that,” said Cum­mings.

They are at the centre on Aug. 5.

Tickets went on sale May 5, and there is a limit purchase of four. Visit centre-square.­com to purchase tickets.