Without question, this has been one of my best summers in recent memory and I haven’t even had my week of vacation yet (three weeks and counting).

Until then, I’ve been practicing the “live in the moment” philosophy; the concept that going with the flow makes you appreciate the little things more, helps you be present and not worry about what’s next. Less anxious anticipation, more awareness. I’ve done this all with the blind faith that it works. Funny thing: it does.

There have been spontaneous moments of pure joy, like that time I jumped in Lake Huron in my summer dress because the waves were calling me and, naturally, I had to answer them. Sometimes you need to remember you’re alive and just be boldly grateful for it. You have to jump in (note to self: I should start packing dry clothes whenever I head anywhere near a lake, because three hours in soggy drawers on the drive home is unpleasant).

There have been big events too, like the Rolling Stones concert with the Carpenter, a rock ‘n’ roll fantasy come true. Nothing could top that.

Opening night at the Elora Festival was amazing. But so many moments that have made this season special aren’t major ticket events, like watching a newborn colt learn to run and kick in the pasture.

I’ve marveled at the monarch caterpillars in a friend’s garden and enjoyed a reunion with our resident  Mr. Toad in ours. I’ve had amazing conversations with friends, new and old, and every time I have walked away learning something about people and earning a new connection.

I’ve watched my son in some tough rugby matches. I’ve witnessed my daughter’s confidence grow in the arena with her equine partner.

I’ve stood at the rail of Grand River Raceway with my dad on Industry Day, a summer tradition enjoying our shared love of horseracing. I’ve stood alone in my backyard at night, when the neighbourhood gets quiet, just to star gaze in peace. Bon fires and barefoot dances in the grass. That’s living.

Now that the calendar has flipped to August, it is important to maintain this “live in the moment” principle. I love August in Wellington County. There is still so much to do here, like the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games, Riverfest Elora, agricultural fairs, car shows and more.

So don’t get upset about back-to-school merchandise on the shelves. I’ve got a lot of summer moments left – and so do you. Let’s drag August out as far as we can, okay?

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