Auditions for The Kitchen Witches Jan. 6, 7

Elora Commu­nity Theatre’s spring produc­tion is The Kitchen Witches.
Auditions will be held on Jan. 6 from 2 to 5pm, and 7 to 9pm, and Jan. 7 at 7pm at St. James Anglican Church, 17 Queen Street East in Fergus.  Call backs are Jan. 9, starting at 7 pm.
The Kitchen Witches is writ­ten by Caroline Smith and directed by Denise Gismondi.
Isobel Lomax and Dolly Biddle are two “mature” cook­ing show hostesses who have hated each other for 30 years, ever since Larry Biddle dated one and married the other. When circumstances put them together on a TV show called The Kitchen Witches, the insults are flung harder than the food. Dolly’s long-suffering TV-producer son, Stephen, tries to keep them on track, but as long as Dolly’s dressing room is one inch closer to the set than Isobel’s, it is a losing battle, and the show becomes a ratings smash as Dolly and Isobel top Martha Stewart and Jerry Springer.
Besides the two 50-ish kit­ch­en witches, the play has other characters – Stephen the long-suffering producer and son to Dolly is in his early to mid-30s. A silent role, with lots of stage time, is available for a young person who can play mid- to late teens.            
For further information, or to book an audition time, please contact the play’s director, Gismondi at denise­gismondi­ or 519-763-7760.