Arts council seeks bids for Graham award

The Arts Council here is inviting appli­ca­tions for the 2009 Jane Gra­ham memorial award.

Any visual artist residing and actively practicing in Guelph or Wellington County and who can demonstrate a com­mitment to professional artistic development is eligible to apply for funding to pursue professional development op­por­tunities.

Specific activities considered include any course, conference, apprenticeship, field trip, or other professional development learning experi­ence that can be shown to con­tribute to the personal artistic growth of the applicant artist. The next application deadline is Sept. 8. 

The award was created in 2006 in memory of Jane Gra­ham, a visual artist living and working in the Guelph area prior to her death in 2005. With donations received in her mem­ory, the council created the Jane Graham memorial fund at The Guelph Community Foun­dation, and, with the income earned, now annually offers an award for one or more local visual artists.

To date, awards have been presented to local ceramic artist Chris Hierlihy in 2006, to artist blacksmith Graeme Sheffield in 2007, and to painter Janet Stanley in 2008.

Applicants must complete the required application form available from the Guelph Arts Council office or from More information is available at 519-836-3280 or