Arts Council seeks aid in public art inventory

Thanks to a 2007 grant from the Musagetes fund at the Guelph Community Foundation, Guelph Arts Coun­cil is embarking on a public art awareness project this summer.

The project includes an in­ventory of public art in Guelph, an update of the arts council’s Guide to Public Art brochure, and research to support the development of municipal pub­lic art policy and planning.

Victoria (Tori) Drost, an art history graduate from the Uni­versity of Guelph, brings her research skills to the under­taking, and is already well into the research and inventory components of the project.  For the inventory, she would wel­come help from residents in identifying works of public art in the city – sculptures, monu­ments, murals, and artifacts that are permanently installed in a public location for the enjoyment, enrichment and edu­cation of passers-by.

Such works may or may not commemorate a specific per­son, group, or event. If anyone knows of a work the arts council wants to know about it. 

The aim of the project is to build greater awareness and understanding of public art in Guelph, and the role that art can play in creating that sense of place that, more and more, is considered to be the making of great cities (as enunciated by the likes of Richard Florida and former Winnipeg Mayor Glen Murray).

At the same time, Guelph Arts Council hopes that the pro­ject will encourage the cre­ation of new public art as part of civic and other building plans, as well as increase support for and recognition of local artists as key players in Guelph’s uniqueness. 

For more information or to offer information about public art works in Guelph, contact Guelph Arts Council at 519-836-3280 or