Arts Centre seek penny pinchers for fundraiser

The Canadian government announced re­cently it is considering getting rid of the penny.
Currently, the Royal Cana­dian Mint produces about 816 million pennies per year. It is estimated that there are 20 billion Canadian pennies – 600 for each Canadian – in pockets, jars, fountains, and piggy banks
According to the Canadian Currency Act, no one is legally obligated to accept more than 25 pennies at a time. But the centre would be more than happy to accept as many as people are willing to give. Officials suggest that people hurry before the penny is worthless and drop off penny collections at the Elora Centre for the Arts.
Welcome are coffee cans, piggy banks, and peanut butter jars (please do not raid foun­tains); anything that people use for their penny collection.
Officials noted that volun­teers are on a roll, and standing by to roll every penny people can bring their way. Each donation will be weighed, and the person, young or old, who brings in the heaviest container of pennies will win a free art course at the Centre.
The centre is hoping to raise $2,500 by Christmas with its penny ante fundraiser Money raised will go to ongoing im­provements in the historic Arts Centre building.
The last day for drop off is Dec. 20. The winner will be  announced in early January.
Drop off hours are Monday to Friday from 10am to 3:30pm, and weekends from 1 to 3:30pm.