Arthur watermain evaluation recommends new water tower

BM Ross has completed the evaluation of supplying water and fire service to the northeast portion of Arthur where future development is likely to take place.

The engineering firm’s findings show that a 12-inch watermain would need to be looped from the Domville and Wells intersection, along to Macaulay, and then along Eliza Street, to be looped back to Tucker Street. Even then, that work would provide only 80% of the required flow rate.

To meet provincial standards, a new water tower would need to be built to re­place the existing towers.

The committee agreed that more discussion needs to take place about how and when the issue will be addressed.

Arthur lagoon expansion

Works Superintendent Gary Williamson also reported that discussions with Triton Engi­neering indicated that the township should proceed to explore options to expand ex­isting sewage lagoon facilities.

The committee agreed that item should be included in the budget and discussed with council before proceeding.