Arnott: Liberals duck accountability

The Dalton McGuinty Liberals are trying to silence government watchdogs who dare to point out the govern­ment’s failures, charges Well­ington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott.


Despite its decision to reappoint Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian to an unprecedented third term, the government is declining to rename Ombudsman André Marin and Environmental Com­missioner Gord Miller to their posts.

“We see a clear pattern here,” said  Arnott, in Question Period.  “The premier seems to want to fire those who criticize him or hold his government account­able.”

The independence of offi­cers of the legislature is an important parliamentary tradition, said Arnott. The ombudsman and environmental commissioner report directly to the legislature. Marin recently concluded a probe into the un­elected and unaccountable Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) bureaucracy, while Miller sharply criti­cized the govern­ment’s environmental inaction.

“These public servants should be commended – not fired – for exposing the true character of this Liberal gov­ern­ment,” said Arnott. He cited potential problems in some LHINs, and the premier’s re­fusal to discipline LHIN execu­tives for hand­ing out untendered contracts. He a;sp condemned the gov­ern­ment cutting off funds for Ava­s­tin – a cancer therapy drug.