Area woman a counsellor at amputee seminar

Jessica Ough­ton, 20, of Belwood, is looking forward to being a junior counsellor and role mod­el at The War Amps Ontario Child Amputee (CHAMP) seminar from May 29 to 31 here.

Born a partial left hand am­putee, Oughton attended CHAMP seminars to see the lat­est developments in artificial limbs, attend informative ses­sions on dealing with ampu­tation, and share concerns with other young amputees.

She applied to be a junior coun­sellor so she could give back by ans­wering questions and offer­ing advice to younger members on subjects such as dealing with teasing and staring, body image, learning to drive, and employment.

War Amps Chief Executive Officer Cliff Chadderton, who initiated CHAMP, said junior counsellors are terrific role models.

"They all remember clearly how they looked up to and learned from the junior coun­sellors themselves, and now they are able to pass on this example to a whole new gen­eration of Champs," said Chadderton. 

The seminar is an example of War Amps key tags at work. The association is funded solely through public support of the key tag and address label service and receives no government grants.

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