Arboretum offering tree and owl workshops this January

The world’s tallest, widest, oldest, and most primitive trees belong to this diverse group of plants. 

Join horticulturist Sean Fox on Jan. 16 from 9am to 4pm to expand your knowledge of the Christmas trees in living rooms, the ornamental, dwarf evergreen in your backyard, and the stately giants towering in the forest.

This indoor/outdoor workshop will discuss the evolution, identification, characteristics, and uses of conifers from both Ontario and around the world.  A tour of the Conifer collection and the Dwarf Conifer collection will be included in the day, so please dress appropriately.

The registration fee is $50 and the registration deadline is Jan. 5. For more information or to register call The Arboretum at 824-4120 extension 52358.

Owl workshop

The Arboretum at the Uni­versity of Guelph is presenting its owl workshop, “A Who’s Whoo in Ontario,” with naturalist Chris Earley on Jan. 23 from 9am to 4pm, followed by an Owl Prowl from 6 to 8pm. 

This workshop will help participants learn to use their eyes and ears to identify Ontario’s owls.

Through a wide variety of hands-on activities participants will learn about owl plumage, calls and behaviour, habitat requirements, migration patterns and owl folklore. 

You will participate in an Owl Prowl in the evening in the Guelph area. Participants will receive a recording of owl calls. 

There is a $70 fee  per adult and the registration deadline is Jan. 9. For more information or to register, call The Arboretum at 824-4120 extension 52358.