Application deadline approaching for June 28 Fergus Art Walk

This year, as part of Fergus’ 175th anniversary celebrations, the Fergus BIA Art Walk will run in conjunction with other events on June 28, including; Doors Open, A Culinary Experience, buskers, and other activities which will be broadly advertised both locally and provincially.

For artists and artisans, this will be a unique opportunity to show, promote, and sell their works to a new set of customers. All forms of art are encouraged for this event: painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography, jewellery making, pottery, fabric arts, etc.

Expectations are that artists be aware that this is a family event, and to use their best judgment when selecting their works.

The location will be from St. David Street along St Andrew Street, through to Templin Gardens, over the bridge to the market, and connecting back to St. David Street.

Participating artists will be allocated approximately ten feet by 15 feet by the Art Walk coordinator.

Artists should bring all equipment and displays necessary for best showing their work; not forgetting, sunshades and rain protection. A limited number of tables will be available for a nominal fee.

The Fergus BIA and its agents are not responsible for any damages, loss or theft of art, so be sure to have insurance and security in place if it is felt necessary.

Set up will be between 8 and 10am on June 28. The Art Walk will be between 10am and 4pm, after which time booths can be removed.

There will be students available for additional assistance throughout the day.

The deadline for submitting applications for the event is May 23.

For more information call 519-787-1384, email, or visit