Annual Organic Conference runs next month

The 29th annual Organic Conference – Our Canadian Organic Identity – runs Jan. 28 to 31 and on Jan. 30 to 31 the Organic Expo and Tasting Fair will have over 160 exhibitors at the Guelph Uni­versity Centre.

From its beginnings with a handful of attendees as an afternoon seminar in 1982, the most recent event attracted an estimated 1,750 farmers, distri­butors, retailers, advocates, and students. Organic production has health and environmental connotations but also positive social and econo­mic effects on the well being of rural and urban Canadians.

Margaret Webb, author of Apples to Oysters and the Toronto Star series Crisis on the Farm, will deliver the opening address at the annual conference. Her talk, Think Big Canada – The Organic Food Fix will consider the implica­tions of a totally organic Can­ada – and what we need to do to get there.

The 29th annual conference is filled with workshops from learning to farm or selling products to supporting farmers and businesses that advance those efforts. It is the marketing and networking event for orga­nics in this country, attracting the full gamut of players in the organic industry as well as farmers, gardeners, entrepre­neurs, consumers, and re­search­ers. Visit www.guelph­organic­

The Guelph Organic Con­ference is the oldest and most reputable organic conference in North America.

Organized by Organic Food Conferences Canada and held annually in Guelph the con­ference has over 30 intro­ductory and advanced work­shops, 160 or more trade show exhibitors and a tasting fair, locally-sourced organic food, and a public forum.