Agatha Christie play benefited food bank

The annual Aga­tha Christie play, The Hollow, will help fill a large number of empty stomachs this year.

Councillor Fred Morris told Centre Wellington council on Monday night that the three-night run at the Fergus Grand Theatre provided cash of $3,500 to donate to the food bank, as well as two big barrels of donated food.

Interest in the Christie plays has been growing, as indicated by larger audiences each year.

Morris thanked all of coun­cil for their support and parti­cipation.

Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj said of the play, “It was great fun.”

An Agatha Christie pro­duction has become a regular spring feature at the Grand Theatre, and since she wrote a large number of plays, the shows will likely be continuing for some time. Organizers use the play for a number area benefits.