Address change request would create oddly-numbered subdivision

A request to change the street address of a property in a Puslinch subdivision would fly in the face of the original purpose of civic addressing in Wellington County.

On March 2, Diane Zadro wrote to council requesting an address change to a property on Fox Run Drive.

In her letter she stated “we have purchasers building a home on this lot. Unfortunately, due to their heritage they cannot have the number 4 in their address. Currently the civic address is 44.

“We would like to make an application to the township to have the civic number changed to a number without a ‘4’.”

If the request is granted, it would create an out-of-sequence property number. To have the property numbers remain in sequence – other properties in the subdivision would be required to have new numbers as well.

Council received the correspondence and asked staff for a report on the applicable policies and practices to be considered when evaluating the request.

Similar request

Lever recalled a similar request made some time ago.

CAO Karen Landry said in 2014 there was a similar request for the same property,  but the individual later said they were no longer interested in the property. Landry did not know if the most recent request involved the same potential purchaser.

The property is currently an empty lot.

Landry advised council the lot in question lies between buildings already numbered 42 and 46 – both of which have been in place for over a decade.

Councillor Susan Fielding said had concerns about emergency services being able to locate the property if it was numbered differently.

Landry explained a solution would not be simple, “But I will bring all the pertinent information back to council for review.”