Acton Precast Concrete seeks zoning to expand operation in Town of Erin

Acton Precast is planning to enhance its operations here.

At a recent public meeting, planner Sally Stull explained the proposed rezoning would allow additional square footage at the industrial site of Acton Precast Concrete on Wellington County Road 50.

The meeting was to allow members of the public to present their views or ask questions of the applicant and planner.

Stull noted the site is designated as secondary agriculture and the property has a site specific zone.

“Acton Precast has been very successful and hopes to expand its operations.”

Planner John Cox said the property has been recognized with its site specific zoning back to 1988 and the company has operated in approximately that location since the 1960s.

In 2001 an application was made to recognize the use of the property to allow a specific square footage for office space at the front of the building.

Cox said owner Dave Turner now wishes to expand up to 735 square metres of additional manufacturing space in a module added to the back of the existing building – away from County Road 50.

Cox added the application also sought clarification and permission to service the company owned vehicles on site. The planner said he believed it adhered to official plans.

Cox doubted the expansion would create additional traffic to or from the location.

He suggested the primary purpose of the building expansion was to move some of the manufacturing operations from an outdoor to indoor location.

Such a move would also reduce noise at the site, he said.