Aberfoyle Fall Fair cancelled due to COVID-19

PUSLINCH – This year’s Aberfoyle Fall Fair has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After much deliberation and with deep regret, the Aberfoyle Agricultural Society has decided to postpone the 180th fall fair until Sept. 10-11, 2021,” states a June 29 press release from the society’s board of directors.

“The physical, mental and financial health of the people who support our fair – members, exhibitors, vendors, sponsors, volunteers, fair attendees, etc. – is our number one concern.”

Officials say the cancellation of this year’s event marks the first time the Aberfoyle Fall Fair has been postponed since its inception in 1840.

“One of Puslinch’s first community organizations, the society played a large part in the education and development of agriculture, home life and nutrition, at a time when 80% of the population was involved directly in agriculture and rural life,” states the release.

“Today, even though our agricultural and rural communities are decreasing, the society still has a strong grass roots base and supports the rural way of life.”

Organizers say the Aberfoyle Agricultural Society “has worked to increase the awareness of, and to improve the quality of agriculture, home crafts, and the rural lifestyle, by presenting an annual fall fair to exhibit livestock, produce, home crafts, pets and equipment. It also assists in 4H and Junior Garden Club activities.”

The society’s board of directors is exploring other ways to keep people engaged this year.