A touch of tropics in Minto this weekend

Are people ready for a taste of tropical sunshine this winter?

The Minto recreation department is bringing it to the Clifford community centre, calling it A Touch Of The Tropics.

 The  interior of Clifford’s community centre will be the focus of an extreme make-over, with tropical greens, props, and set decor supplied by a local business, to transform it into a virtual Garden of Eden with fantasy garden landscapes, nightscape lighting and more, during February and March.

Everyone is invited to come and join in with this fun.

 In partnership with the recreation department,  Corn­erstone Greens has agreed to bring in its stock of tropical theme dressing for decoration of the hall, as a pilot project. Some of the movie magic includes man-made palm trees, foliage plants and flowers, rocks, groundcovers, accents, and screening.

Crafters and dressers are needed, as well, and welcome to participate to learn some behind the scenes secrets that made films such as Murder At 1600, Blues Brothers 2000, Don’t Say A Word, The Pacifier or Cheaper By The Dozen 2 look so real.

Now there is a chance, to help set the stage for a new scene to happen. Call Matt at the Minto’s recreation department at 519-338-2511 for more information.

The objective of the undertaking is to create a one-of-a-kind environment that will stimulate and inspire more people to use the hall, for new special interest programs, events and activities that benefit the community.

Everyone is invited.

On Feb. 9, from 10am to 3pm, the hall will be open for a free viewing and more information.

Cornerstone Greens has been providing specialized landscape treatments for interior  exterior sets on the production of feature films, TV shows, and commercials since 1988.

Owner and general manager, Richard Snider grew up in Clifford and has long standing ties with that community. He and his wife, Cathy, currently live in Harriston with their family. Snider has been involved with strategic planning, research and development, production management and program delivery for over 30 years.

His staging experience, creativity and technical support will help ensure that the recreation department hosts the hottest February and March.