A happy birth day

It was busy on the city streets here on April 17 late in the day.

Sergeant Douglas Pflug reported the police received a complaint of an erratic driver northbound on Victoria Road north of York Road, Guelph – while simultaneously, a member of the Guelph Police Service was flagged down by a motorist near Victoria Road North and Eastview Road requesting a police escort to Guelph General Hospital.

The motorist had a woman in the car about to give birth.

The motorist was directed to stop and the officer discovered that a female passenger (accompanied by several other family members) was in the advanced stages of labour. Rather than risk a collision conducting an escort to hospital, paramedics were called to the scene.

Pflug said several officers also responded and monitored the woman’s condition until the arrival of paramedics a few minutes later.

Guelph Wellington EMS then transported the patient to Guelph General Hospital.

The woman was taken directly to the Family Birthing Unit where, a short time later, she gave birth to a baby girl.

Pflug said that hospital officials have announced the mother and her baby are in good condition at Guelph General Hospital.