$67,300 proposed for economic development strategic action plan

Centre Wellington council is accepting a $67,300 proposal by McSweeney & Associates Consulting Inc to undertake an economic development strategic action plan.

Such a plan  would provide direction to determine  what, where, when and how economic development is to be planned, delivered and sustained in the township.

The proposal was advertised on the Township’s website (www.centrewellington.bidsandtenders.ca) and on the Ontario Public Buyers’ Association’s website.

There were 13 registered Plan Takers and seven submissions.

The bid fits within the $70,000 budgetted.

Centre Wellington’s managing director of corporate services Dan Wilson noted that of the $70,000 budget, the township is only responsible for $10,000 – $25,000 is coming from the County of Wellington and $35,000 from a grant. “This will be within our available budget,” Wilson said.

Councillor Fred Morris asked  whether the mandate for the study should have come to council for approval first.

Township CAO Andy Goldie said the request for proposal was fairly general – “so the consultants would be able to provide recommendations as to what Centre Wellington needs to do.”

Goldie said there was discussion with the Centre Wellington economic action committee as to timing, items which needed discussion and funding options.

Mayor Kelly Linton added the mandate of the program is very broad.

“That is why there is a strategy … to develop further detail.”

This project is to look at economic development in a much broader way, said economic development officer Patricia Rutter.