$5-million investment made in Wellington North tech company

C.A. Bancorp Inc. (“C.A. Bancorp”) re­cently announced the completion of a $5-million  invest­ment in Everus Communi­cations Inc.

Everus was founded in 2001 – as High-Speed FX – in Mount Forest, Ontario. It was built by rural business people, and designed specifically to bridge the gap in high-speed Internet and data communications services for rural businesses, residents, and communities by providing high speed wireless Internet access.

As the largest wireless broadband provider in rural Ontario, Everus seeks to provide affordable, accessible and efficient broadband access for public and private sectors in rural areas that cannot access broadband through digital subscriber lines (“DSL”) or cable. 

The proceeds of the investment will be used to expand the geographic footprint of Everus’ coverage area, improve its existing network infrastructure, as well as to improve its back-office capabilities.

Everus utilizes WIMAX technology to provide broadband services to customers in rural areas. WIMAX is a standard of wireless communications that can transmit data up to 20 km. 

Using WIMAX technology, Everus is able to provide broadband connections to customers that are not currently served by conventional infrastructure (cable, DSL or fiber optic networks).

With over 62 transmission towers stretching through Southwestern Ontario, Everus can provide broadband services to municipal, commercial and residential customers at speeds that rival connections offered by the incumbent telecommunication providers.

Currently, Everus is focusing on infrastructure expansion within Dufferin and Grey counties, aided by partial funding under the Ontario Municipal Rural Broadband Partnership Program.

Those efforts will allow Everus to begin fully servicing customers throughout those counties as new transmission towers come on-line in the coming months.

Everus continues to look forward to expanding its services into adjacent counties as well as to improving coverage in the territories it already serves.

Currently, it has customers in all or part of 11 counties including: Huron, Perth, Grey, Bruce, Dufferin, Wellington, and Waterloo Counties.