4-H Ontario senior members to produce safety commercials

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) recently granted $40,858 to 4-H Ontario for its project Farm Safety – Through the Eyes of Youth. 

The project will allow sel­ect senior 4-H members from across Ontario to meet, re­search, write, star-in, direct, and produce three  one-minute public safety announcements (PSAs) on farm safety.

The PSAs will then be used to promote farm safety awareness at activities and events around the province, as well as within the 52 local 4-H associations.

 Farm Safety – Through the Eyes of Youth will involve the selected senior members in all aspects of the project, creating awareness and understanding that they can then share with their networks – surrounding farm safety, bringing farm safety to the forefront through the eyes of youth.

The committee was slated to begin its first brainstorming weekend in early December, with the ultimate goal of laun­ching and releasing DVDs at the 4-H Ontario conference and annual meeting in February.

The 4-H Ontario executive be­lieves when youth take action they make an impact. The impact created by the PSAs will allow parents, sib­lings, and friends to gain a better understanding of what farming safely actually means. By watching and learning from their own son, daughter, sib­ling, or friend the message is sure to influence and inform.

The project is funded in ac­cordance with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Asso­ciation and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada‘s Federal Identity Pro­gram, Growing Forward frame­work.