4-H member enjoys dairy shows

When the Erin 4-H dairy club held its showmanship meeting earlier this year, the members had the chance to practice hands-on skills.

For some members it was a chance to refresh their memories and build on the skills they learned in previous years, but for one member it was a look at a whole new style of showing cattle.

Brianna Kerr has been a 4-H member for eight years, but this is the first year that she has taken the dairy project.  Coming from a background of showing beef calves, which she continues to do, Kerr didn’t know what to expect when showing dairy.

Since the showmanship meeting, where she learned a few of the basic differences if showing a dairy calf, Kerr has shown at Gencore Dairy challenge and both the Mount Forest and Arthur fall fairs. 

So, what does she think of showing dairy calves?  Well, if you asked her she would tell you that it’s not easier than showing beef – just very different.

“The calves are easier to handle in dairy,” Brianna said, “But you have to be much more controlled and precise in the ring than with a beef calf.”

So was it a good experience? The answer, according to Kerr, is a resounding yes.

“I love my calf; she is such a sweet heart,” she said. “And it was great to experience a different side of showing calves.” 

While she’s not sure what next year holds, Kerr hasn’t ruled out doing the club again, and she recommends others give it a try as well.

Miriam Bailey, club press reporter