4-H Cookie Club: comparing home-baked to store-bought

On March 25, the first meeting of the Damascus 4-H Cookie Club was held in the Friendship Hall of the United Church in Arthur.

After the elections the members split into groups of two and made chocolate chip cookies.

The members made all different kinds such as replacing granulated sugar with brown sugar. Another group replaced brown sugar with granulated sugar. The final group added extra flour, but kept the recipe the same.

When all cookies were baked, members and leaders samples all cookies.

They compared cookies and asked what each individual preferred in each cookie.

Then the members walked to Foodland and got a tour of the store and bakery.

They also sampled chocolate chip cookies, comparing the store bought and store baked.

All members returned to the church and baked oatmeal raisin cookies as a whole group. Everyone compared store-bought Dad’s cookies to their homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.

After tasting, all members and leaders ended with the 4-H motto.

A special thanks to Keith Bell for giving a tour of Foodland, and thanks to the use of the United Church and all volunteer leaders.

submitted by Janice Walsh