$3-million CT scanner finally arrives at Groves Memorial Community Hospital

It’s here, folks.

On Monday morning, the long-awaited CT scanner finally arrived at Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

Aside from the unloading and preparation of the equipment, staff had to deal with spectators slowing down and stopping in the driveway to check out the action.

“We’ve been waiting for this day for quite a while,” said Groves Chief Executive Officer Jerome Quenneville.

Sherri Sutherland, director of development and funding, noted further work is required for the installation and the hope is to go “live” sometime in mid-October, although a grand opening likely will not be set until early November.

Quenneville added, “It will be great to have it in the building and get it operational.”

So far, fundraising for the CT scanner is at $1.6-million, just over half of the overall $3 million cost for the unit.