$2-million liability requirement is nixed; potential to affect rentals

Councillors here have overturned their recent resolution requiring  renters to provide $2-million worth of liability insurance to rent muni­cipal facilities.
In January, the town ap­proved its parks and recreation committee recommendation re­garding insurance. However, on Feb. 20, that resolution was rescinded following a report from Recreation Director David Stonley.
He said his report came followed several telephone calls about the possible loss of rent­als because of the added cost. He added that similar concerns were raised by one of Minto’s facility managers.
Stonley said he contacted the town’s insurance company to find out if there would be additional costs if the municipality did not follow through with the increased insurance.
The information he received suggested it would not. However, Stonley explain­ed it would still be in the renter’s best interest to have that coverage.
He explained that the muni­cipality’s insurance covers only the municipality – not the renters of a facility.
Stonley asked the policy be changed to recommend that renters have their own liability insurance – and that it not be requirement.
Councillor David Turton suggested potential renters be should be told they would not be covered under the municipal policy.