“˜Creepy Carnevil”™ haunted house comes to Rockwood

This Halloween will be like no other for those living on Christie Street in Rockwood.

Members of the Ross family have taken it upon themselves to turn their garage at 218 Christie Street into a “clown carnival” haunted house.   

When asked how scary the haunted house is, Sharon Ross said Steve, the creator, could get the scare factor all the way up to a 10 out of 10. 

“Because there’s other props that do jump out and we do have some real people and then we were thinking about for when … little kids go through maybe having kind of a word,” Ross said, to signal the crew that they shouldn’t jump out and to tone down the scare factor.

“I walked through just before we even had it all set up just to see what was missing and you just don’t really know what to expect because some of the corners you are turning (around) are pitch black so you don’t even know what’s there and then we have some things hanging so when you’re walking through in the dark you don’t really know what’s touching your face.”


The haunted house took Steve about two months to construct and includes handmade props that follow the carnival theme.

On Halloween night there will be about seven people working and there will also be life-size displays like an electric chair with someone in it and a ticket booth with a live person interacting with those brave enough to enter.

This is the family’s first time creating a haunted house in Rockwood, but they did have a similar attraction at their Acton home that Sharon said attracted more than 300 kids. 

The “Creepy Carnevil” is a free attraction and will take about five minutes to walk through. It will be open on Halloween at 218 Christie Street in Rockwood from about 6:30 (around dusk) to 10pm or when there are no more visitors. 

“We’ve just done … the ones with just a few things out front but nothing like we’re doing now,” Sharon said. “So I think everyone will be really surprised.”