You don’t have to be a stonemason to create the professional look of one inside your home, with Stone Selex

Natural stone veneer is a classic design element that brings texture, sophistication, and character to a room, anchoring it with the unique and authentic beauty of natural stone. It’s impressive. It’s timeless. And it’s affordable. You’ll find everything you need to create the look you want with a visit to Stone Selex, in Guelph.

Bringing natural elements from the environment outside of your home to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort inside your home can transform your living space. Picture the hearth of your fireplace embedded in the rugged, chiseled framework of stone cladding. Think of the way stone veneer could enhance an accent or feature wall in a variety of stone textures to embellish the theme of your interior décor, or the way stone veneer could create an atmosphere of natural elegance to a dining area, or a rustic ambiance for a bar or entertainment space. Create an elegant grand entrance way, welcoming people into the essence of your home. 

Stone Selex has an expansive showroom that displays the variety of natural stone and manufactured stone veneer options that can bring your vision to reality. With 20 years in the industry, the Guelph location is one of 10 stores across Ontario and Quebec. Thus, Stone Selex’s stock and selection ensures customers excellent quality and variety, as well as practical knowledge. It’s one stop that offers everything you need, including U-Stone Thin Veneer Adhesive, the easy-to-use and clean application that makes installation smooth and simple. 

Natural and manufactured stone veneers offer sustainable, green design for our homes, available in a variety of styles, cuts, colours, and textures that are durable, low maintenance, versatile, and thus suitable to integrate into your design vision and budget. Whether you prefer the traditional look of grouted large stone pieces or the modern look of dry-stacked panelled stone, stone veneer capabilities allow you to create a space that is reflective of your individual taste.

Natural stone veneer, quarried in Ontario and Quebec, is available in options such as uniquely shaped rubble mix fieldstone, soft limestone edges or straight saw cut individual pieces. Lightweight, it does not require additional supporting structures, making it easy to install. It also provides limitless design versatility with the flexibility to manipulate the texture, size and cut to create your own design personality, often within the same stone variety. Organic, it contains no toxins, no off gassing, and is, of course, completely recyclable. Natural stone brings enduring value to your home, making it an excellent upgrade without a significant investment. 

Manufactured stone veneer is man-made, molded from natural stone to ensure it provides consistency in appearance.  Available in a variety of styles including a variety of Ledgestone styles, Limestone, Fieldstone, Brick veneer, and Quick-Fit Ledge, it is also available in variety of durable colours. Lightweight, it can be installed on virtually any wall surface. It’s a cost-effective alternative to natural stone, with the same benefits and aesthetics. 

Stone Selex offers a unique, affordable program: Instruction Installation. When you buy your Stone Selex stones, and U-Stone Thin Veneer Adhesive, you can opt for one of their professional masonry tradesmen to come to your home and teach you stone cladding. The installer will work alongside you for 3 hours, from the ground up, so you get real-time, practical instruction on your personal project from an expert. Then you can either complete the work yourself, with confidence, or opt for the installer to continue for a minimal fee. Either way, you can honestly say you’ve done the work. 

Then sit back and enjoy the craftsmanship and enduring beauty of your stone veneer project and the authentic texture and dimension it brings to your home. You’ll appreciate your craftsmanship. You’ll also appreciate working within your budget. Whether you chose natural or manufactured stone veneer, for home décor as for nature itself, natural stone never goes out of style. After all, Mother Nature is the ultimate designer.

Stone Selex is proud to be a part of the Guelph home improvement community, bringing 20 years of experience, value, and service. That same commitment to customer service has embedded Stone Selex here as a trusted source for contractors, designers, builders, and homeowners. Competitively priced and genuinely helpful, Stone Selex serves Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Wellington County. From free quotes to installation support, you won’t find a better DIY experience than this.

To appreciate their selection and design options, visit the Stone Selex showroom at 41 Lewis Road, Guelph. For your free quote or more information on natural and manufactured stone veneers, contact 519-804-1113. For complete details on products, applications and more, visit them online at 

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