Working for all Canadians

Canadians, often heralded for their pleasant dispositions and congenial ways, are losing that innocent appeal.

This isn’t entirely new ground, but judgment, aided by social media, has now become an integral part of the societal equation. 

The discomforting edge this election had to do with candidates speaking to their “base”. It is a strategy where voters are kept motivated by regular doses of partisan rhetoric. Little regard is given for contrary opinions or for people who may find some positions offensive. Winning elections is a math calculation.

Wedge issues separate people – another political strategy we find deplorable – making it difficult to bring people together in search of common ground after campaigns end.

The chasms of discontent across this country will become more pronounced in the weeks and months ahead.

The federal election results on Monday night point to a decidedly divided country. Geographically, economically and demographically, this country has some hard work ahead.

Between wedges and feeding baser instincts, it will be hard to bring people together with common purpose.

Once election handlers and back room consultants leave the scene and leaders become their own boss again, we hope to see forward movement, to the benefit of all Canadians.