Wide world of sports

With kids on the ice for spring hockey and parents enjoying a beverage in the viewing area, somebody cranked up the volume on one of numerous televisions. 

We could hear super-charged engines and sticky-tired cars chasing each other around the oval track. Muted but still ongoing were hockey, basketball, golf and baseball games – there was something of interest for everyone.

All that action made us think of CTV’s Wide World of Sports and its catchy intro song back in the ‘70s. 

The vast majority of our readership likely never heard of that show since it was before satellite dishes and today’s streaming, where any sporting event can be watched at the tap of a button. Wide World of Sports was dedicated programming highlighting many of the week’s big events.

Most sports foster the concept of working to a goal and inspiring others to do their best. 

Very often, natural leaders emerge in these settings. It is something to witness and we have little doubt that later in life those skills will come in handy.

Each generation seems to add its own to the list of exceptional athletes. Advances in equipment, skills and tactics all factor into better, faster players, but respect for players of an era endures.

While winning or coming out on top remains the largest measure of success for most players and parents, we very much get a charge out of the less successful having a great game. 

Seeing a player make the best of their skills and push themselves to excel is far more touching than watching a talented player loafing or coasting. 

Recently, almost 500 students attending kindergarten to Grade 12 in the Upper Grand and Catholic school boards participated in the Special Olympics. Smiles and cheers were everywhere. It is great to see their achievements celebrated.

The wide world of sports has something for everyone. 

Sign up and play.