Who is shopping where in Minto?

A cus­tomer origin survey will be con­ducted in Clifford, Har­riston, and Palmerston over the next few weeks (June 16 to 30) by representatives of Minto to get a glimpse of who shops where in town.

The purpose of the survey is to determine the place of residence of shoppers in order to determine a trade area for each community in the town.

Combining that information with data from Statistics Canada and standard consumer spending practices, much can be learned about the profile of existing shoppers and about those who reside in the area but who may not currently shop in their home town.

The information will be used to help Minto communities be more successful and to improve the quality of retail and service opportunities available to area residents.

To be successful, businesses need to supply the products and services residents demand at the times and in the manner they demand them. To be satisfied, residents need those successful businesses nearby.

That information will be of benefit to retail and service business operators in Minto and to the downtown revitalization committees. Business operators will be able to use the information to better determine ideal product mix, goods price categories, and promotions for residents of the area.

The committees will use the information to help identify new opportunities to serve existing and potential new shoppers in the three centres.  Survey staff will be wearing name tags that identify them with the project. They will be stopping shoppers as they enter or leave downtown stores to ask three or four simple questions that will take less than two minutes to answer.

“We hope shoppers will accept this minor inconvenience to their day to help the effort to revitalize Minto communities said Belinda Wick-Graham the business and economic manager who is assisting with the project. For more information on the project, visit  www.town.­minto.­­on.­ca