Whites Road Pentecostal Church hosts ‘stellar’ VBS

HARRISTON — With 41 students and 22 volunteer staff on board, “Stellar Vacation Bible School” blasted off at Whites Road Pentecostal Church here on July 24 for a week-long “stellar” adventure. 

Each day launched with the “Sing and Play Blast Off” as the students learned a little about space and sang memorable songs about how they can “shine” for Jesus. 

Students moved to stations where they learned about how the Bible teaches all to shine Jesus’ light and how kids their age are shining His light. 

At “All-Star Games,” students enjoyed fun games and in the “Imagination station” they got to blast a rocket as well as watch other fun experiments.

Snack time and visits from Rover the Space Dog were also memorable. Each day wrapped up with the “Cosmic Closing” during which there were even more experiments, along with more songs.

On the first day, the group talked about how Jesus was born into a hopeless, dark world and shone  His light. 

The Bible Point was “When life feels dark  . . . Shine Jesus’ light.” 

The second day was about Zaccheus, a tax collector who didn’t have many friends. The Bible Point was “When people don’t get along . . . Shine Jesus’ light.” “When good things happen … Shine Jesus’ light,” went with the recount of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry. 

On the fourth day, the group talked about how Jesus comforted his mother when he was about to die on the cross. 

“When people are sad . . . Shine Jesus’ light,” was the Bible Point. 

Along with the story of Philip helping the Ethiopian man understand the Scriptures was the Bible Point, “When people need help . . . Shine Jesus’ light.”

Students were given an opportunity to “Shine Jesus’ Light” by donating to the Community Resource Centre’s Backpack Program. School supplies and cash were donated to this program to help local youth start school with everything they need.