What really matters

It’s amusing what a difference a week or two makes.

In that time, priorities can change. Certainly the world has changed around us in that time. Fights state-side are ongoing – everything from immigration to picks for key positions in the Trump government. Here, battles continue whether over mill ponds, library sites, development and taxation.

It’s never been our nature to back away from a fight. We have an opinion, if not answers, on most subjects. But we find ourselves in the past few weeks less worried about waging every battle on the horizon, conceding that sometimes it’s wise just to take stock.

Health scares have a way of setting that tone. Currently, an incredible number of friends and associates are struggling with very personal battles. Heart troubles, breathing problems, several friends combatting cancer and some with mental health issues have led to a lot of talk about what really matters during our time on Earth. It has meant a lot of listening and soul searching about what really matters.

Not one has mentioned a library, or taxes or Trump. Instead, they speak of family and friends. They speak of special times and places and how much they will miss events and people. All of a sudden the drumbeat of the media and all its curious notions of what is important, seem so insignificant.

What many of us take for granted quickly becomes an area of question for friends staring mortality in the face.

The smells of spring and the emergence of nature’s bounty are but a wish to see one last time. There is so much to enjoy in life we can see fear in our friends’ eyes that they will miss out on good times.

From there it is birthdays, anniversaries and other life milestones that families and friends typically share. It becomes a challenge to remember and celebrate what was, rather than worry about what will be.

Inevitably hints of regret at what could have been linger in some hearts, providing a reminder to others to enjoy every day and see the joy in others.

Get to know what really matters.