West Luther Beef Club meets at Walkerbrae Farms

The West Luther 4-H Beef club met at Walkerbrae Farms on May 16 at 7 pm.  The meeting began with splitting up the junior members from the senior members. Junior members began with judging a class of four samples of hay. The official reasons were given by one of our leaders, Jason Hurst. The seniors had an information session about what judges look for in showmanship. Mr. Hasson also spoke to the seniors about what to look for in the animals conformation when judging a beef animal as well as a dairy animal. Juniors and seniors then joined up and got into their previously appointed groups, and judged a group of Angus breeding heifers as well as a group of dairy yearling heifers.  Official beef reasons were given by Mr. Hasson and the official dairy reasons were given by Mr.Walker. Justin Swanston thanked the Walker family and Mr. Hasson for their time and expertise. The meeting closed with the 4-H motto and then we all enjoyed snack and drinks. By Madi Bott